Your roof is one of the structures that carry heavy damage from external elements. It protects you from the rain, sun, and other harsh weather conditions. However, some homeowners even overlook the importance of regular inspection and maintenance.   

Your roof is a good investment. With a damaged roof, you will need to pay for expensive roof repairs. Damages will even decrease the value of your home, which is a bad home selling technique. We cannot stress the importance of regular repair maintenance. There are two ways you can about your roof. You can call pro roofers NWA and experience their best quality service and do small maintenance on your own by following these helpful tips that we will share with you:  

1. Trim your trees – trees are a good investment too. However, if you do not trim them regularly, they also cause damage to your roof. Dead leaves and libs can decay on the roof, leading to roof structure weakening. Furthermore, falling leaves may also clog the drainage and gutters without mentioning the danger the big branches may cause when storms or strong winds arrive in your location.   

2. Avoid leaks at all cost – keeping an eye to identify leaking along the walls, roof, and ceiling would help prevent the small leaking issue to bigger problems. Water leaking can cause home foundations to weaken, resulting in expensive repair costs. Leaking can be caused by a lot of things, which include water pooling on your roof. The weight of the water would cause stress to the roof, leaving it brittle. Avoid little leakage as it will result in bigger structural repairs.   

3. Spot molds and moss and remove them immediately – moss and molds can cause consistent moisture on the roof, which makes it brittle. When you do not remove molds, algae, and moss, your roof will eventually weaken. In fact, this issue is among the most prominent that homeowners experience. By regularly inspecting and maintaining your roof, you will avoid this kind of damage.   

4. Spot missing shingles – shingles add to the structural value of your roof. When one shingle is missing, this may lead to eventual damage. You will notice that one by one, shingles will eventually fall off. This is why it is important to take action when you notice that one shingle is missing. Your roof starts to deteriorates after just one removal of shingle as they protect the roof from harsh elements.  

5. Remove snow as quickly as possible – while we do not advise you to remove snow during the winter is setting in, we advise that you remove snow whenever it is possible. Or better, hire a snow removal company to remove the snow for you. The snow weight will cause stress to the roof, leaving it weak. Moreover, when the snow melts, this may cause pooling that will eventually lead to moss growth and roof damage.  

6. Have regular inspection – regular inspection will help you identify small issues that your roof is already experiencing. By fixing small damage, you will prevent bigger problems in the future